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Re: Dovecot

Adrian von Bidder wrote:

Can you share your experiences? How does dovecot perform? Does it support SSL

I haven't measured performance issues and yes it supports SSL. I have also tried courier and got it working on the same machine. I thought it would support users' mailboxes in MySQL (does this exist at all?!) so I'd get around having home dirs. Then I found out that it only allowed for authentication against MySQL which dovecot can also do. And I also had this problem that it needs its own mailbox format. Dovecot I found easier as it was already configured to use the right mailboxes. If you download it there is more info on configuration. At the moment I'm experimenting with
 default_mail_env = mbox:/var/imap/mail/%d/%n/:INBOX=/var/mail/%u
to have users' files at least in one directory tree and not split up all over the file system.
Maybe this is the kind of configuration info you were asking for?

(I guess so since it depends on gnutls)? What configuration options does it have? I guess since it supports standard mailboxen, standard mail delivery via procmail can be used by default.

? not sure about what you asking about delievery via procmail. postfix leaves stuff in /var/mail/<username> and dovecot uses this. I guess you can have procmail in between.

Yes, I'll do my own homework - but if people can give a recommendation pro or contra, I might have an idea where to set my hopes. (Ok, it should be an improvement over uw-imapd in any case ;-)

I have tested really only courier and dovecot so far. courier seems to be a complete solution for virtual mail domains. I guess this is particularly good if you are starting from scratch. and it has this nice cyrus admin web interface! dovecot seems usefull for adding IMAP to an existing server.

Michael Moritz

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