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Re: mixing testing with stable

It's been packported and listed in the archives at www.backports.org (4.0.13,
anyway).  I've read so many howto's about pinning and backporting, blah blah
blah but it always seems to burn me (I obviously am not smart enough to do it

The packages on backports.org seem really good.  I've been using samba 3.0 from
there for quite a while.


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Quoting Rod Rodolico <stargazer@dailydata.net>:

> I need MySQL 4.x on my server (some new things that are a "must have" for one
> of the apps I
> wrote), but was burned pretty badly by putting testing on a production box.
> But, I do like the
> idea of letting apt or something keep track of what I have on the machine,
> especially with the
> security updates.
> So, is there any way to get MySQL from testing, but keep the rest of the box
> on stable? Is
> there an apt-get command or something?
> Appreciate it.
> Rod
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