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Re: Sendmail or Qmail ? ..

It all depends....

qmail has a very non standard way of being managed. Its almost
meta-unix. That said, its VERY flexible, extremely powerfull, once you
get a hang of it INCREDEBLY EASY to manage. And it has no paralell in
security (AGES and AGES better than sendmail)

Sadly, its non free. You cannot distribute binaries of it, you can not
distribute it modified (have to distribute the patches separately). Even
if debian has very good packages for it, the license defeats the good
system in debian so you still have to go through some extra work to get
it to work. Anything you want to do to it in terms of features is patch
and recompile. 

Anyhow, qmail is what i use for the big things, postfix for the small
things, sendmail is an urban legend. I HATE it.

El jue, 04-09-2003 a las 00:43, Rudi Starcevic escribió:
> Hi,
> Sorry to bother you all with this repeat question.
> I've have searched around and seen plenty of opinions but I'd like to 
> ask again and get the latest from this list.
> Sendmail or Qmail ? That is my question.
> Currently we use Sendmail. It's worked fine, well actually problem free 
> so better than fine  - I've got the Sendmail book and all.
> However we will be setting up some new email servers soon and I'm 
> considering Qmail.
> As I hold this list in high regard I'll base my final decision on the 
> feedback I get from this list.
> At this stage I'm leaning towards sticking with Sendmail but something 
> inside wants to know more about Qmail.
> If you *had* to pick one of these two which would it be ?
> Many thanks
> Best regards
> Rudi.

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