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Re: Apache clustering w/ load balancing and failover

On Wed, 2003-09-17 at 12:05, Joost Veldkamp wrote:

> You can also have a look at www.ultramonkey.org , deb packages
> avaialble. Simplifies the installation of LVS a lot.
> Recently, there was a article in Sysadmin mag. about clustering. There
> was an interesting part about openSSI, it can be found here:
> http://www.samag.com/documents/s=8817/sam0313b/0313b.htm

I didn't read trough the whole article, but openSSI seems to do the
clustering at process-level (somewhat like Mosix).

If this is the case: Technically you could probably run a webserver on
top of such a cluster, but I doubt it would be a good idea as it will
probably have quite a bit overhead which doesn't seem necessary for a
Apache cluster. In the end the cluster would either need some really
beefy hardware (especially network for the I/O I guess) and/or won't
deliver the performance you would expect.

A dedicated loadbalancer is probably the better solution as it doesn't
add much overhead - its only job is to distribute incoming requests.

Anyway: please correct me if I'm wrong! ;o)

best regards
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