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Re: On SMP, getting: Message from watchdog: The system will be rebooted because of error -3!

On Mon, 8 Sep 2003 19:57, Dave Watkins wrote:
> This is probably due to the HT nature of the CPU. For example if one
> thread is using a part of the CPU that isn't duplicated, and then a
> second thread on the "other" logical CPU also wants those resources, you
> could effectivly have %150 CPU load until the first thread finshes with
> those resources as the second thread will be waiting.

That will not affect the load average.  Whether a process is ready to run or 
actually running should give the same load average, it's actually the number 
of processed ready or blocked on IO that's used for the average.

Even IF hyper-threading doubled the reported loadavg due to a kernel bug, it 
still wouldn't explain a 159 load average, that's much more than double what 
you want to see on a typical Linux system!

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