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RE: splitting a subnet in an odd way

Leonardo Boselli wrote:
> You forget one thing: there are 10 other machines (addresses 3 to 13) 
> that need not to be firewalled, and must be accessible from 
> ANY pother 
> ost either internally and externally, without passing the FW.
> The second group really is not a problem, since are just virtual 
> addresses for a machine in the first group, that self-firewall !
> However user in the third, internal group should access these 
> machines 
> direclty.
> About proxy-arping 230 machines: what commands would you suggest 
> for dcoing that , the way i used for a small group did havoc on some 
> network monitoring tools !
I think the best solution would be a briding firewall. No need for 230
proxy-arps, and (if correctly set up) nearly invisible to the outside world.

4.html> for more info and links.


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