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Re: On SMP, getting: Message from watchdog: The system will be rebooted because of error -3!

Russell Coker wrote:

On Mon, 8 Sep 2003 17:46, Jason Lim wrote:

I had set the loadavg to such an absurd number, I never thought it could
be that. It NEVER peaks that high on a single CPU (well... without HT SMP
on). Is this normal? Do SMP systems tend to spike a lot higher than
regular single CPU ones?

Strange thing is... the previous 2Ghz CPU... never went that high... and
now with a 2.8Ghz HyperThreading processing, the load average actually
increases (or at least the spiking load average). Is this a trait of SMP?

Adding more CPUs will not affect the load average if it's IO related. If it's CPU usage related then more CPU power should decrease the load average.

Of course kernel bugs could be triggered by a different hardware configuration, but that's not a likely possibility at this time.

I suggest checking for any cron jobs etc that might have caused high load.

This is probably due to the HT nature of the CPU. For example if one thread is using a part of the CPU that isn't duplicated, and then a second thread on the "other" logical CPU also wants those resources, you could effectivly have %150 CPU load until the first thread finshes with those resources as the second thread will be waiting.


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