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Re: Postfix! [WAS: Re: Sendmail or Qmail ? ..]


Glad to hear the situation is getting better in .nl. Having been hit by 
several 10s of spam from some dutch provider the other day just didn't imply 
this :-)

> What is the connection between the nationality of Wietse Venema and
> people who sent spam? This is a very strange argument and more fitted
> for a discussion between kids. 

You *did* see my original mail on that subject? You *did* look at the list of 
other more or less silly reasons that were posted already alongside some of 
the more serious ones? My-mailer-is-better-than-yours discussions are equal 
with my-OS-is-better-than-yours discussions or my-editor-is-better-than-yours 
flamefests. Those discussions will always (i) be very long and (ii) turn 
silly. I was hoping to avoid (i) by accelerating (ii).

Well. It didn't work. Surprise.
-- vbi

All power corrupts, but we need electricity.

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