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vmware server with multiple Server OS's on blade servers

I was wondering if anyone is running multiple versions of Linux 
atop of vmware's enterprise server ? 

Supposedly, Vmware's enterprise server is its own OS.

I watched an IBM presentation yesterday where they were pushing
server consolidation. IBM is recommending that we
 [ the customer ] purchase high performance machines and run
vmware's [enterprise] server and then install multiple OS's on top of them. 

Currently blade servers allow for logical assignment of computing power, for example
you can assign blade one and two to 'real machine A' and blade
three,four,five to 'real machine B'. 

With VMWARE enterprise server the logical breakdown of machines can then be taken to a lower level. 
For example, you can run 64 virtual machines on each of the 'real machines'.
Additionally, each virtual [server] machine can be assigned a fixed
amount of real cpu, bandwidth, and disk space. For example, you can give
the web-server 5% of the total real machines power.

Although this sounds a little crazy and complex, there are some advantages 
of running with all the eggs in one basket.

For example, the blade servers save on space, reduce power and heat.
VMWARE would make a great test or training environment for duplicating a data
center on a few machines.

I was just wondering if anyone had started on this journey of
fragmented virtual machine ?

IBM Blade Servers

VMWARE Enterprise Server

Ted Knab
Chester, MD 21619


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