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Re: Funny NFS

On Mon, 2003-09-22 at 06:09, Dave wrote:
> root@valhalla's password:
> Last login: Mon Sep 22 09:04:05 2003 from on pts/1
> Linux valhalla 2.4.20-valhalla #1 Thu Sep 18 08:21:07 SAST 2003 i686 unknown
>         struct nfs_fh *         fh;
>         const char *            name;
>         unsigned int            le
> Last login: Mon Sep 22 09:04:05 2003 from
> valhalla:~#

The first thing I would do is login to an account w/o any startup script
commands, e.g. biff, setting permission on the tty, umask changes. If
you still get the message I would consider starting a login shell of
your new, clean account under stace with the follow child PIDs option,
and output each child's syscall messages to its own soandso.PID file.
You can use *grep to figure out where that output is coming from.

I doubt that you have a kernel problem but I suppose it is feasable. It
would be better to check other options first. Incidentally I am running
2.4.20 on my home NFS server and have no similar problems. I have not
upgraded to 2.4.20 on any of my NFS clients yet.

Jeff S Wheeler

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