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RE: Web administration Apache - Virtual domains

I use webmin, but I need an end users solution.
I found http://www.openisp.net (gpl), but have similar problems than webmin
( not really end user ).
I use qmailadmin ( qmail/vpopmail/ezmlm ), and is perfect, I need something
like that for apache/disk space limit/bandwidth usage

Matias Lambert
OSInet Telecomunicaciones
Capital Federal - Buenos Aires
Argentina - CA1185ACA

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> Hi,  I'm looking for an apache virtual domain web admin tool.
> Does anyone know a open source solution for that?
> And anyone know complete solution for a ISP? ( vpopmail, apache, proftp,
> tinydns )
> Thanks

The only free one I know about is Webmin.

Other for-pay ones are Cpanel, Hsphere, and quite a few others. Google is
your friend.

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