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Re: Of SANS and IOS

On Sat, 20 Sep 2003 08:08, Alex Borges wrote:
> Anyone knows What The FARKS is that IOs unit the HP SAN folk keep
> talking about? Like in, yeah, this thing can take 2000 IOS per second.
> How many bytes is an IOs supposed to be? An IO==Device blocksize or WTF?

For serious disk storage the bottleneck is usually seeks not amount of data 
transfer.  So a device that can do 2000 seeks per second is reasonably fast.

> Treacherous salesmen everywhere!

Why not just plug one in and see how it goes?

When buying serious hardware the vendor is usually happy to allow you to test 
it out before you buy.  They should have some sort of demo-room in the 
nearest major city where you can plug in your own server and test it out.

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