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Re: Sendmail or Qmail ? ..


>> Why change something thats working perfectly ??

Greg .. Yes that's what I was thinking ..  -- but that's what they also said in Nth America 'til the recent blackouts :-(

>> And it has no paralell in security (AGES and AGES better than sendmail)

Alex .. That's what mostly appeals to me over Sendmail.

>> I (and my employer) have picked Sendmail.  We make considerable use of a GPL product called MIMEDefang:

>> Mark .. Thanks I'll check that one out - Hope to see you in Brisbane at the next meeting, we've met there before ( small world hey ! )

I'll probably be sticking with Sendmail. But for sure even though I've not had problems, touch
wood, Security is the only reason I look elsewhere than Sendmail.

Many thanks for your time ..

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