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Re: Sendmail or Qmail ? ..

I've been running Qmail since '98.  It's got a bottleneck
in disk writes, but aside from that it's fast.
(Anybody tried running the queue in a ramdisk?
Howabout in an fs made in a file mounted looback?)
It's secure and reliable.

Unfortunately, it's not being maintained by its
author.  If you want the functionality of a modern MTA,
you need to wade through a disorganized and unverifiable
swamp of contributed patches and add-ons.
I'm sure most of the add-ons are great, if you can figure
out where to get them and how to use them.  But the ones I've
tried (mjinject and a couple of SMTP AUTH's) were broken, and
unsupported by *their* authors.  I'm not going to ask
hundreds of users to rely on a cobbled-together mess like that.
Apologies and respects to Dave Sill.

So I've given up on Qmail.  I'm using Exim for small systems,
and I'll try Postfix for my next big one.

Ps.  I read debian-isp at Newsguy.  The "From:" address here is
/dev/nulled.  My address can be found at http://greens.org/~cls

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