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RE: Where to get 'DCC' and 'pyzor' packages from?

Dominik Schulz wrote:
> Dear List,
> since Spam is becoming more and more unpleasant I'm currently looking
> deeper into configuring SpamAssassin better.
> When running spamd in Debug mode I realized that dcc (distributed
> checksum clearinghouse) und pyzor were not installed. So I've started
> looking for Debian packages ... and now I'm still looking.
> Anyone knows of deb packages of one (or both) of these two programs?
> Shall I install them from source?
> Or shouldn't I use them at all?
Pyzor is in testing and unstable, and we use it here with good results. I
didn't find dcc packaged for debian (not even on http://www.apt-get.org/),


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