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Re: Apache clustering w/ load balancing and failover

On Fri, 2003-09-19 at 19:58, Jeremy Zawodny wrote:

> Well there's the confusing part.  You had said:
>   I even use it on Netfilter firewalls without any trouble (without
>   the LVS support).
> It's the 'without the LVS support' that caught my eye.

Yes, you can use keepalive without LVS (just the VRRP part) since some

> The docs didn't make it clear that I could do any of this without
> LVS-related kernel patches.  Further backing that, you now say: 
>   All you have to do is patch your kernel with LVS or use the
>   appropriate netfilter-ipvs-modules, compile and install keepalived
>   and configure it according to the documentation and/or your special
>   requirements.
> So I guess I've either misunderstood or asked the wrong question(s).
> Because the documentation all seems to revolve around LVS
> implementations.  It's not clear which pieces are optional--unless I'm
> interpreting it incorrectly.

That's because keepalived was first written as a management-program for
your LVS server pools. Later the VRRP part was introduced to allow
redundant balancers without the need for additional programs like
heartbeat. As far as I remember it's possible to compile keepalived
without the LVS (ipvs) part if you just need VRRP.

Because the thread started with Apache clustering and you said something
about two web servers I assumed you wanted redundant balancers.
VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) is indented for router
redundancy (and firewalls, balancer, ...), not necessarily for redundant
(application) server. 

For setting up a failover cluster (i.e. two machines, active/standby -
for redundant - but not balanced - Apache, MySQL, Samba, ... ) you might
want to take a look at heartbeat, piranha, failsafe or something like

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