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Re: raid controller & debian

Just thought I'd check in. Again, as pointed out, this is a SCSI implementation.

Got the card today at around 1pm. By 3pm I was installing the OS. What took so long? The CD
that came with it for configuration was Windoze based and GPF'd! Downloaded a 400M ISO from
IBM (ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/pc/pccbbs/pc_servers_iso/90p2772.iso) and burned the Linux
based setup program onto a bootable CD. Booted off the CD. It updated the BIOS on the card,
then rebooted and set up the disks. Very nice, smooth, etc... Took about 1-1.5 hrs to download
and burn the CD. No time at all to set it up. Inserted my Debian install CD and everything
went very smoothly from there.

So, bottom line is, I like the IBM card for SCSI. Have not tested it in failure yet, but from
others I have spoken to, it is very nice. Only thing I don't like is that there is no ROM
based setup program, but I guess I'll get over that.

BTW, if you are in the states, I got the card from http://www.bestoptionsusa.com and was very
pleased with the service. You can get the card cheaper from other places.

Also, I am in no way associated with either IBM or bestoptionsusa.com. Just saying I was very
pleased with both.


> Rod Rodolico, Thu, Sep 04, 2003 at 11:28:07AM -0500:
>> I had the same question not too long ago, and 3ware came up as one of
>> the choices. But, if I remember correctly, it slows the system down
>> quite a bit on a rebuild.
>> I have since been told by some guru's I know that the IBM ServeRaid 3HB
>> (IBM p/n 37L6086) was the best choice, and mine is being delivered
>> today. Retail is supposed to be around $279, but I found one online for
>> $149. To my knowledge, these are out of production, but there are a lot
>> still hanging around. One friend found one, used, on ebay, for around
>> $70.
> The IBM card is SCSI while the the 3ware card is IDE.  If you are trying
> to be cost effective and use IDE drives then the 3ware card may be the
> only viable option (IDE raid cards like Promise or Highpoint are actually
> software raid).
> If you are going for SCSI raid, there are many options.  You can use
> modconf (look in kernel/drivers/scsi) to see what cards are supported by
> your current kernel.  If you want to put / on the raid array, your
> installation kernel will need support for the card built in.
> Given the choice, I would choose SCSI over IDE 7 days a week.  If I have
> to go with IDE, I use the 3ware card.  We have 20+ Escalade 7500-8 cards
> and they work fairly well.
> g

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