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Re: ..fixing ext3 fs going read-only, was : Sendmail or Qmail ? ..

On Thu, 11 Sep 2003 13:22, Cameron Moore wrote:
> > Having a file system decide to panic the kernel because your mount
> > options instructed it to (ext3) is one thing.  Having the file system
> > driver corrupt random kernel memory and cause an Oops (Reiser) is
> > another.  The ReiserFS team's response to such issues has not made me
> > happy so I am removing it from all my machines and converting to Ext3.
> Can you provide links to your discussions with the ReiserFS team?  I'm
> considering using ReiserFS on some mail servers.  Please share your
> experiences.

It was on the reiserfs list a couple of months ago.

They told me that it would be impossible to check all data for consistency 
when reading it from disk without having a huge performance hit.

Ext3 appears to manage this (or at least corrupt ext2/3 file systems tend not 
to cause kernel memory corruption).

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