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Re: Postfix: Multiple recipients alias?

I just did something similar for one of our customers.

I used mailman to create a mailing list, and added all the employees.  I'm sure
there's a way to do it without mailman, but I reckon if you're going to send
something to "everyone" there ought to be a decent archive for it somewhere.

What I wanted was something along the lines of "if I wouldn't relay mail for
these people, I won't send messages to this address."  Primary concern is spam.

So incredibly easy to do in postfix.  smtpd_recipient_restrictions does the
access checks in order.  For me, I put my sasl checks, then my network checks,
then a check_recipient_access directive.  Like so:

smtpd_recipient_restrictions = permit_sasl_authenticated, permit_mynetworks,
check_recipient_access hash:/etc/postfix/internal,check_relay_domains

made a simple access file (/etc/postfix/internal):
all-email@mycompany.com    REJECT

postmap it, and postfix reload.  Done.

If you have employees that want to send stuff from home, or whatever, you can do
something more complicated with check_sender_access or whatever it's called, but
spam (and viruses!) fake that stuff all the time.  Another nice thing about
making it a mailing list, must easier to strip stuff, if you want to.  

Hope that helps...


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Quoting "R.M. Evers" <debian@hbh-it.nl>:

> Hi,
> This could be a stupid question, but I'm trying to accomplish the
> following:
> In our company, we run a Debian mailserver with Postfix. The server runs
> a lot of accounts and virtual domains for our customers, but also for
> our own employees. Now, what i want to do, is make some sort of alias
> for our employees, so that they can send an e-mail to, for example
> "all-employees@ourcompany.com", which would deliver to all of our
> mailboxes. But, I only want this alias to be available for our own
> employees. Not for the outside world, of course..
> Would this be possible?
> Regards,
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> R.M. Evers <debian@hbh-it.nl>
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