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splitting a subnet in an odd way

I have a /24 subnet.
.1 is the gateway and almost all IP from 2 to 254 are occupied.
I would like to split the host in three groups:
12 that can have full access, 12 thought one firewall and the other 205 
throught a second firewall.
I cannot chanmge the number of some machines, so the only option is 
that the first 12 and the two firewalls are .2 to .14
the second group is .18 to .29 and the third vould keep is present 
numbers between .36 and .254.

howewer: how can i set the broadcast address ?
 for the first group 
i could easily set a routing of /24 to the full net and the second firewall, 
and two /28 subnets for the first firewall and the main router (this last 
one would be their "/28 localnet) . Same again for the other two groups.
but would it work nicely ? (consider that some host in the first group 
caould also have a second card hooked into the second or third ! I 
noted samba do noit appreciate much thgis behaviopur, whern two host 
are connecteds throught different rouytes and return packet come 
thought the other way !)
)   --
Leonardo Boselli
Nucleo Informatico e Telematico del Dipartimento Ingegneria Civile
Universita` di Firenze , V. S. Marta 3 - I-50139 Firenze
tel +39 0554796431 cell +39 3488605348 fax +39 055495333

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