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Re: raid controller & debian

I had the same question not too long ago, and 3ware came up as one of the choices. But, if I
remember correctly, it slows the system down quite a bit on a rebuild.

I have since been told by some guru's I know that the IBM ServeRaid 3HB (IBM p/n 37L6086) was
the best choice, and mine is being delivered today. Retail is supposed to be around $279, but
I found one online for $149. To my knowledge, these are out of production, but there are a lot
still hanging around. One friend found one, used, on ebay, for around $70.

I'll be installing this evening so you can write me direct if you want to know how it goes.


> Hello everybody
> I would like to set up a debian box with mirrored disks.
> Can anybody please give me a hint which raid controllers are supported by
> debian ?
> My original idea was to use an IDE 3ware 7000-2 controller.
> Would this be a good choice ?
> Has someone experience with this controller and debian ?
> Thanks for any help
> Kind regards
> Gunnar
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