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Re: Dovecot

On Thu, 2003-09-11 at 19:30, Fraser Campbell wrote:
> On Wednesday 10 September 2003 19:32, Mark Devin wrote:

> Check the "Postfix+Courier-IMAP+MySQL for multiple domains HOWTO" at 
> http://kirb.insanegenius.net/postfix.html ... everything you need to 
> accomplish such a system is packaged up in Debian stable.  I've been using 
> systems such as this for 6 months and haven't had any glitches yet, the 
> systems are not high volume but they're steadily used.  With user accounts 
> stored in a database whipping up an administrative interface for domains is 
> quite trivial, I just don't see the advantages of going the extra step of 
> putting the emails themselves into a database.

Well, using a database backend for the storage of the mails themselves
gives you the possibility of implementing clustering and so create a
redundant mailstore, possibly distributed over several locations.

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