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CBQ.init problem

Hello guys,

I have Debian Woody with kernel 2.4.21 processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP
1900+ ram: 256 ddr 333mhz hdd: Maxtor 40G 7200rpm with 3 x 100mbit net
cards Intel pro/100 this is my backbone router i use shaper or cbq.init
for shaping my costumers every costumer have real IP address and 5 cbq
files let say we have costumer named John his files are:
cbq-10.john-bgpeer-download, cbq-11.john-bgpeer-upload,
cbq-12.john-int-download, cbq-13.john-int-upload,
cbq-14.john-localnet-download int is international or let say internet
for the moment everything work fine but now the system is under high
load from shaper costumers get high pings packets lost everything get
really sucks when i stop shaper everything is ok any idea how i can
prevent this bad things from happening? and one more problem for upload
cbq.init or shaper use only one file:  cbq-11.john-bgpeer-upload it
seems cbq.init can't use PARENT for upload? prio for cbq-11 is 5 and
prio for cbq-13 is 6 parent for cbq-13 is 11 this method work with
cbq-10 and cbq-12 bgpeer and int download do everyone have eny idea how
i can split internet upload from bgpeer upload?

Thanks in Advanced.
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