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RE: Apache clustering w/ load balancing and failover

Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Am 2003-09-17 01:49:31, schrieb Shri Shrikumar:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I am looking to implement an Apache cluster with Load Balancing and
> >failover and after going through several options, the only 
> one that is
> >not too complex and does everything that I need seems to be pen
> Why not using 'roundrobin' ???
> Install a couple of Web-Servers, give each Server an IP and 
> then setup for each Server a A-Record on your DNS-Server 
> pointing to the same hostname.
Because this is only "poor man's load balancing". You maybe get (more or
less) equal load on rr'ed servers, but you can't fix your DNS servers (and
every other one caching your results) to not give out the A record of a
failed server.

It really comes donw to using LVS/keepalived or pen (I didn't even know it
exists before this discussion), or an expensive black-box solution (From F5,
Cisco, ....).


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