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Exim problem mails stucks in /var/spool/exim/input/

Hi people,
	Got some problems here im runing a Debian Woody, the system is up to
date and the mail server is exim with amavis and McAfee uvscan antivirus.
	For some reason that I couldn't find out the mail is beeing stored
in the /var/spool/exim/input directory and not deliver to its destinated
users on the system. The amavis config has been double check and its ok and
the exim it self has no special configuration it is the MX server on the
domain and has a couple of secondary names...
	The problem is that the input dir is fill with file of the tipe
19yvpW-0001Fz-00-D and we try to reproces the queue with exim -fq but with
no success.
	If anyone got a clue of what is happening or can point me to some
"good" reading I would be thanks.


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