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Re: raid controller & debian

Boehn, Gunnar von wrote:

Hello everybody

I would like to set up a debian box with mirrored disks.
Can anybody please give me a hint which raid controllers are supported by
debian ?

My original idea was to use an IDE 3ware 7000-2 controller.
Would this be a good choice ?
Has someone experience with this controller and debian ?

I use this controller on one of my mailservers running Debian. The
machine runs a custom-compiled 2.4.20 kernel however, so I couldn't
provide you with info regarding a debian-kernel, but i wouldn't expect
any problems.

De controller runs fine, easy to setup. The kerneldriver creates a
sd-device for the array, so the rest is a piece of cake, just like using
a scsi-disk.

My advice would be: go for it :)

-- Thijs Welman

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