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Re: Sendmail or Qmail ? Postfix!

Monday 08 of September 2003 04:00, Craig Sanders >

> difficult to learn, just a PITA and completely unlike any other unix tools,

- does not support de-facto logging standard - syslog
- does not support CIDR
- does not support IPV6

> that it is far more important for his programs to be consistent with each
> other no matter what system they're running on than it is for them to be
> consistent with everything else on the system.

I urge djb to write his own djb/ip and his e-services should run on djb-OS. :]

But...this is offtopic....

Postfix is THE mta to use - it scales well so it can be used either in SOHO  
or in large e-mail systems and is configurable to do every perversion you 
might want to do with e-mail. O:-]     (and still be RFC compliant)

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