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Re: Sendmail or Qmail ? ..

On Thu, Sep 04, 2003 at 03:43:33PM +1000, Rudi Starcevic wrote:
> Sendmail or Qmail ? That is my question.

neither.  postfix is the answer.

postfix is backwards compatible with sendmail (meaning minimal disruption
during the migration) with better security, speed, and features than qmail (and
sendmail too, but that goes without sayiing).

> Currently we use Sendmail. It's worked fine, well actually problem free so
> better than fine  - I've got the Sendmail book and all.  However we will be
> setting up some new email servers soon and I'm considering Qmail.

if you're used to sendmail, you will find postfix to be much easier to
understand and configure.

> At this stage I'm leaning towards sticking with Sendmail but something inside
> wants to know more about Qmail.

try setting up two experimental boxes, just to play with.  install qmail on one
and postfix on the other.    you'll need to do this anyway, you really
shouldn't migrate mail servers based ONLY on advice from a mailing list - you
need to have hands on experience yourself.

qmail is certainly worth learning, if only because it has some interesting
ideas - but those ideas are implemented far better in postfix.

> If you *had* to pick one of these two which would it be ?

if i really had no other choice, i'd very reluctantly pick sendmail.  not
because it's better than qmail (it certainly isn't) but because it isn't a
dead-end trap like qmail.

qmail is so different to sendmail, exim, postfix, and just about every other
unix MTA that migrating to it is a major PITA.  migrating away from it is at
least as bad.  qmail has some very nice features, and is much faster and far
more secure than sendmail but it's a technology trap as bad as any proprietary


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