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RE: Sendmail or Qmail ? ..

martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Dale E Martin <dmartin@cliftonlabs.com> 
> [2003.09.04.1447 +0200]:
> > Has it been covered before on this list?  I for one would be
> > interested in elaboration, if there is something technically
> > inferior about exim or postfix to qmail or sendmail?  Or
> > politically, I suppose, since much of people's dislike about qmail
> > has more to due with "political" than technical reasons.
> random notes (these are facts and opinions, please don't flame me):
> - sendmail and exim are both single setuid binaries. bad.
> - postfix is the most performant of all four.
> - qmail has an interesting but possibly confusing 
> configuration paradigm
> - postfix has the easiest configuration, IMHO.
> - qmail has a good integration with one of the fastest mailing list
>   servers, ezmlm.
> - exim is very extensible.
> - qmail does not come with anything but basic mail transfer stuff. if
>   you want things like tls or sasl, you have to patch.
> - qmail isn't available as a binary package for Debian.
> - qmail support includes being flamed by the author
> - postfix and exim support are available here, and if only be me and
>   dman respectively (note that you have to mention my name in a post
>   if you want me to see it. i am writing my phd and am thus
>   filtering messages to not be flooded)
> - ralf hildebrandt uses postfix (he's the guru, next to wietse.
> can't think of any more.
Complete ACK. I'm also willing to give support, as I use
postfix+mysql+sasl at a couple of clients.


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