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Re: Virtual Hosting

On Tuesday 16 September 2003 19:34, Rod Rodolico wrote:
> I can not think of any drawbacks to doing it. I only offer web, ftp and
> mail service (apache, proftp and exim). The only thing I can think of is
> that reverse dns will not work correctly, but I see no reason that should
> impact these services.

There are only two real cases for seperate IPs for hosting today

SSL - each secure site needs its own IP address.
Anonymous FTP - to seperate the anonymous FTP space of each domain, you need a 
seperate IP - also this allows you to set a custom welcome banner...

Anyway, I don't think RIPE even allocate IP space for IP-based hosting any 
more unless you're specifically doing a lot of SSL hosting..

The 'reverse DNS'  issue is negligible... if any of your custs are worried 
about that, they should probably be paying for a more high-end dedicated 
service rather than vhosting :))


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