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Re: raid controller & debian

Russell Coker wrote:
On Fri, 5 Sep 2003 01:25, Boehn, Gunnar von wrote:

I would like to set up a debian box with mirrored disks.
Can anybody please give me a hint which raid controllers are supported by
debian ?

My original idea was to use an IDE 3ware 7000-2 controller.
Would this be a good choice ?

I have used the PERC cards that ship with the medium sized Dell servers and the Mylex DAC960 cards. Both of them work fine, although the performance from a small DAC960 was not impressive. I tested them extensively and found them to be OK.

I've also worked on a Debian machine with a 3ware controller (not sure which series), it worked fine, but I never had a chance to do a full test run as it was a live production system before I got there.

I'm digressing a bit from the topic, but have you had any luck getting the PERC software to work under Debian? I've had great success with getting the PERC3 setup, configured, recognized by the kernel, etc. and have even rode through a drive failure, but haven't gotten the utilities to work out.

The damn card actually worked too well... the drive died, and my webserver ran for three days before I noticed the blinking light on the chassis!

Thanks for any pointers!



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