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Re: mplayer, the time has come MTA in base system installation new DOSEMU packages on mentors New Drug store Earnestine New version of ipsec-tools new.html per-developer data inclusion in developer.php (Was: please post listing and status of NEW queue) Re: non-ftp way to upload packages Re: not starting packages at boot the ongoing xfree86 buildd saga OpenOffice2 on Debian orphaning some of my packages Re: Orphaning some packages Orphaning three packages Package xxx has broken dep on yyy: normal? Packaging status of Xen 2.0(.4) php 4.1 => 4.3 Please help test Snort 2.3.0 (experimental) packages Please make Moria free (was: Moria, as in the Author of) Re: please post listing and status of NEW queue Re: Re: Re: Re: Please remove me from the callwave list please Please test adduser 3.61 in experimental (was: About valid and invalid user names) Please test radvd 0.7.2+0.7.3rc1 in experimental Plese test new adduser in experimental problem of savelog Problems with - and ' in some man-pages Processed: Reopening #242950 procmail and Large File Support pwc-source headed for unstable this weekend re[10] regarding mdnsresponder and dns-sd Re: Regarding XEN kernel images release criticl bugs Re: Release update: kde3.3, upload targets, kernels, infrastructure remove Removing a package from the NEW queue removing problemes with deluser Request for Help: apt 0.6 Response to your ListGuru session [MsgId AA20050207.034103.2] RFC: graph of Debian package cycle Rolex ? [travesty] Re: Rolex Order [dampen] Re: Rolex Order Details. [osmosis] runlevel and sequence point for gfs cluster infrastructure s1ngle? Re: scripts to download porn in Debian? self-depending packages Re: shell script sniplets in /usr/bin? SoBeFOTO Has Received Your Email - PLEASE READ MESSAGE splitting a source package into 2 source packages Statically linked binaries from fpc Status update for the inofficial Debian-amd64 sarge Automatically putting log message into debian/changelog? Re: Take APT 0.6 discussion public! they're so lonely Tips wanted for debugging and testing Debian TRANSFER ASSISTANCE REQUIRED!!! travel to DC/Baltimore-area March 13-20 / keysigning? Ubuntu for packaging for Debian UML packages for sarge: likelyhood of making it to stable Unidentified subject! unsubscribe Updating config files: permissions!? upgrading mysql (Release update: kde3.3, upload targets, kernels, infrastructure) useless trivia, oldest opened bug in Debian val message Verify for Re: Verify debian for volunteering to help development what is /.udev for ? Which group to use for system users (adduser bug #290623) Whitfield Diffie and Public Key Cryptography Who could be able to help SW vendors to support Debian? Why are you guys using user space utilities not written by us that seem to not work? Could you change who is the debian maintainer for us? Why didn't #290810 hold eximdoc4 from sarge? woody and RC Would like to remove blas/lapack/atlas2/lapack99 at some point Would you consider co-maintainers for GnuPG? Re: xresprobe pachage inside of Debian xresprobe pachage inside of Debian [was Re: Ubuntu for packaging for Debian] Re: Re: Xsession doesn't use umask setting from /etc/login.defs zaptel_1.0.4-2 in experimental The last update was on 06:54 GMT Sun Oct 21. There are 1457 messages. Page 3 of 3.

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