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Re: RFC: graph of Debian package cycle

* martin f. krafft:

> Based on the work of Kevin Mark (URL not available, sorry), I have
> made a graph of the life cycle of a Debian package for inclusion in
> my forthcoming book (http://debianbook.info). You can find the
> sources and generated files at
>   http://people.debian.org/~madduck/graphs/package-cycle/en/

Interesting, thanks.  I believe the --->O arrays are confusingly
labled.  "package installation" is probably a better choice.  The
difference between "package propagation" and "package upload" is not
clear, at least to me.

I suppose you should split the diagram in two because the
before-incoming part and the after-incoming part are not too strongly
connected, and the result would be more readable.

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