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Re: Who could be able to help SW vendors to support Debian?

> > Would any people around have pointers which could be given to such
> > people ? Do we already have an entry point for such technical issues
> > as proprietary SW vendors needing technical information about the way
> > to support Debian ?
> It isn't clear to me what sort of compatibility issues you would be
> talking about.  Is this an x86 thing?  Or a release thing?
> I've been under the impression that the only machine-level
> incompatibilities are really kernel and driver issues and not issues
> with Debian per se.

Well, I'm not the software vendor here..:-)

As far as I've inderstood, this product induces some interaction at
kernel-level and the vendor developers may have concerns about the
kernel on the distribution they want to support their product on. They
probably also have concerns about the library compatibility and such

Again, I can't really speak for them, but I'd like to point them the
right direction.

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