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Re: Package xxx has broken dep on yyy: normal?

Dan Jacobson <jidanni@jidanni.org> writes:

> Upon apt-get, is it normal to every so often see "Package xxx has
> broken dep on yyy"?  However the next day the problem is gone.


> If normal, then can't whatever intermediate stage not be split across
> the mirror push?  Somehow can consistent versions of xxx and yyy
> either be made sure to go out this mirror run together, or both wait
> for the next run?

No and yes.

There are some packages with a strict version depend (=) between a
arch:any and arch:all package. The maintainers upload will update the
arch:all package to the new version while leaving most archs without
the arch:any package. Some time after the upload the buildd will fill
in the missing arch:any debs but not necessarily before the daily
dinstall run.

Those cases can't be avoided with the current DAK implementation but
they should be. Patches are surely welcome.

Other things are strict versioned depends between different source
packages. Even with a coordinated upload of both source packages the
buildds can (and will often) build them out of order so you see only
one of them for a short while. But those cases should be uncommon and
nothing can be done there. Thats just how unstable works.


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