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Re: Why are you guys using user space utilities not written by us that seem to not work? Could you change who is the debian maintainer for us?

Hans Reiser wrote:
> I can volunteer vitaly@namesys.com, the guy who writes our utilities 
> (which work), for the task.
> This is the second time that Ed has broken Reiserfs support in Debian, 
> and each time it breaks Namesys looks bad, because users have no idea it 
> is not us who broke our code.  Thanks to Cliff we now have an idea where 
> some mysterious reports of things breaking have their source. 
> Who is jltallon?  adv-solutions.net has no information on its web page 
> explaining about who they are.
> Is Debian intending to code fork ReiserFS?  Are you guys that nuts?
> Vitaly, please pursue this matter with Debian.

Hi Hans, I think we met in Max's once after a BALUG meeting. Anyway, let
me try to clear up some misconceptions you seem to have:

 - progreiserfs is not the default reiserfs toolset used by Debian. See
   thread starting at 
 - Since progreiserfs is known to cause data loss, it has not even been
   available in Debian testing for a long time, and is unlikely to be
   part of a Debian release. See <http://bugs.debian.org/244169>.
 - progsreiserfs was not developed by Debian, so accusing us of forking
   reiserfs is a fairly strange thing to say. It was written by Yury
   Umanets <torque@ukrpost.net>. See <http://reiserfs.linux.kiev.ua/>.
 - Ed Boraas has, AFAIK, nothing to do with progsreiserfs. He maintains
   reiserfsprogs, from namesys. See the mail you forwarded to this list.
 - Jose Luis Tallon is a prospective new Debian developer who, with the
   help of Debian developer Roberto Lumbreras, has been (trying to)
   maintain progsreiserfs after the developer who previously added it to
   the Debian distribution in 2002 resigned. See

All of the above information can be obtained publically online; indeed
that's where I obtained it, with only a few minutes searching. Maybe
doing a bit more research before posting messages that are so likely to
result in flames would be a good idea in the future.

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Please do not post mails to the debian mailing lists with signature
blocks that are so obviously unenforceable. All mails posted to Debian
mailing lists, with the exception of debian-private, are made available
publically without exception. Thanks.

see shy jo

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