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UML packages for sarge: likelyhood of making it to stable


I am emailing to ask your opinion on the likely hood of UML packages making it into sarge/stable.

We (the University of Newcastle upon Tyne) are experimenting with using UML to manage multiple secure web servers on a single physical box, and have been advised that Debian GNU/Linux is a very good OS to use for the host machine, due to its management tools. We usually use Red Hat for our systems so there would be a labour cost for us to adopt a different distribution.

We would need to use the stable branch of Debian for a production system. However, if the transition from woody to sarge would mean that there would no longer be UML packages in stable, we would have to use something else.

From a personal POV, I am a debian user and if debian was the best choice for our needs, I'd be very happy to see it being used. What kind of work is needed to get the UML packages sorted out? Is an NMU a possibility?

Jon Dowland
University of Newcastle

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