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Please test radvd 0.7.2+0.7.3rc1 in experimental


I just uploaded a release candidate of radvd to experimental; the
0.7.3 final will probably be out on Monday, unless there are
problems. Here is the changelog:

radvd (1:0.7.2+0.7.3rc1-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * New upstream release (0.7.3 release candidate).
    - Fixes hang/sendmsg issue (closes: #287863).
    - Drop patches integrated upstream: 02-radvd_conf_man.patch.
  * Now runs as user radvd (closes: #242471).
  * radvd.init: check for and remove stale pidfile (closes: #293789).
  * control: tighten dependency on debhelper.

It would be cool if you could give it a shot and report any problems.

Thanks, Rotty
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