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Re: Request for Help: apt 0.6

Quoting Martin Schulze (joey@infodrom.org):
> Moin,
> We need help by competent developers who work on apt 0.6 with the goal
> to get it supported properly and eventually enter sid and sarge.
> There is a good chance the release will happen before the issues with
> apt 0.6 are resolved, so this may be a task that cannot address sarge
> in time but only etch and following distributions.  Contributors
> should be aware of this.

The effort on getting it as translated as 0.5 is (27 complete
languages) is on its way, so PLEASE do not change messages which are
outputted to users without saying so in the APT development list.

I also have a patch for bringing some consistency in the way APT uses
capitalization in its output. It Seems That Too Many German Developers
Wären Involved In It...:-) (kidding you, people, no offense intended to
people who indeed made great job).

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