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Re: Would like to remove blas/lapack/atlas2/lapack99 at some point

Hi Kevin!  Of course, post-Sarge is just fine!  Please excuse me if I
implied otherwise.  You and I have already coordinated on this.  If
memory serves, libmathlib1 is not the only issue.  mpqc, ghemical, and
tela are there too.  I'm checking the BTS, and can't find the
analogous wishlist bugs against these which I thought I had filed at
the same time.  I guess my post boiled down to whether it would be
appropriate to NMU a blas/lapack upgrade on these, after of course
ensuring that sufficient time passes after the maintainer is
contacted.  Or perhaps the best way is to, just after sarge, remove
the packages and allow nature to take its course?  How much time is
left for Sarge anyway?  I've already received more bug reports on
these packages than I had anticipated could arrive pre-sarge.  I
suppose it is worth fixing them?

Thanks so much for your great work on supporting cernlib!

Take care,

"Kevin B. McCarty" <kmccarty@Princeton.EDU> writes:

> Camm Maguire wrote:
> > Greetings!  The older versions were kept to ease the transition into a
> > minor API change, and to work around earlier gcc-induced tester
> > failures.  There are just a few packages using the older API now.
> > I've filed wishlist bugs with those requesting an upgrade about 100
> > days ago.  How should we proceed now?  Maintaining both sets is
> > becoming more burdensome.
> Hi Camm,
> When we exchanged emails a while ago after your wishlist bug against
> libmathlib1, I think you were intending to have the old blas/lapack/etc.
> removed only after the release of Sarge.  Is that still the case?
> It would make things difficult for me if blas/lapack/atlas2 disappeared
> now, since I would have to bump sonames on most of Cernlib, change
> library package names, and somehow get the new binary packages through
> NEW and into testing before the release.  After Sarge, I have no objections.
> As far as I'm concerned you can have lapack99 removed right now, since
> it's not just one, but two sonames behind the current version.
> regards,
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