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Who could be able to help SW vendors to support Debian?

During the Solutions Linux expo in Paris, the DD's present at the
Debian booth have been approached by a representative from Trend Micro
Corp. who develops and sells security software (the most well known
being probably a virus scanning software and such similar software

We ended with a very interesting and long discussion with their
Product Manager for Client/Server messaging products about the proper
way for them to support Debian.

It seems that such support is a growing request from their customers
(some of them being important Ministries in France and probably others
worldwide) who use big farms of Debian-based servers.

As far as I have understood, supporting Debian for this vendor is a
real concern, but they fail to be sure in who to get in touch with for
technical issues regarding the compatibility of their products and our
distribution in general (which includes direct interaction with the
Linux kernel, as far as I have understood from him).

Their concernes was also deciding about *which* release of Debian they
should support. Though question as one may imagine because just
answering "thou shalt use stable" is obviously not enough. From
discussions I previously had with other visitors at the booth, he
concluded by himself that focusing their developers on sarge would
probably be a better investment than trying to support woody (this is
still a matter of months of development, so hopefully sarge will have
been released then).

Would any people around have pointers which could be given to such
people ? Do we already have an entry point for such technical issues
as proprietary SW vendors needing technical information about the way
to support Debian ?


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