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Re: Verify debianhttp://www.perrier.eu.org/debian/voices/-devel@lists.debian.org for Francois.Mescam@onera.fr

> Why do people think it's acceptable for their stupid anti-spam measures
> to inconvenience others?

I am indirectly responsible for M. Mescam message.

He was BCC'ed to my original mail annoucing Babelbox documentation (I
had my own reasons for the BCC). However, as I did setup the Reply-To
field to the mailing list AND as he never received mails from my
Debian address first, his automated greylisting system automatically
answered and did so using the Reply-To field.

So, finally, the request which was supposed to go to me finally went
to the list..:-)

I was aware of his greylisting system and I should have imagined this
when sending my mail. Apologies to list subscribers for that.

About the "stupid" antispam system, I guess he knows this is not a
perfect system, but please imagine the amount of unsollicited mail
(not really spam...mostly "targeted" emails) received by a big
organisation IT director on a email address he wants to keep very

I'll try help him improving this system for avoiding cases like this
one, probably by making it NOT respect Reply-To fields at first.

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