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Re: Please make Moria free (was: Moria, as in the Author of)

Robert Koeneke wrote:
Ok, I am working on getting the correct GPL statement put together so this
game on all the games based on it don't have any restrictions to
distribution.  It was never my intention to make it hard to share, just to
make certain my name stayed with the game and future variants of it.

This is really good news. Don't worry, your name will stay there forever. The really funny thing is that someone has done a survey of who has written what linux code... and your name appears 19th in the list of all authors in terms of numbers of lines of code. (And this is after only including two of the many games with the original Moria in their ancestry.)


Sheesh, I should have gone into game design I guess.  I had no idea people
were still playing these games.  Did anyone ever add the Moria V5.0 new
features to the game?  Liquids (pools, streams, lava, etc), orbs, and
recipes for building magic weapons?  There were other things but that's the
stuff I remember off-hand.

I don't think they ever made it into Moria. However, quite a few Angband variants have them. The liquids are in Zangband, and variants based on that, with a few exceptions in the geneological tree like Oangband. There aren't that many variants which allow building magic weapons. The most notable is Sangband, which has 'fenneling', which turned out to be a little unbalanced, which probably is why the idea didn't propagate.

iirc, no variant has what you originally envisaged orbs to be... However, rings and amulets have exploded in variety in quite a few versions of the game, filling the design space with rough equivalents.


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