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Re: Re: Xsession doesn't use umask setting from /etc/login.defs

In october you told:
>Searching Google for "xsession umask" will give you some hints.
>>/etc/login.defs explicitly indicates that it is "Configuration
>>  control definitions for the login package", and many of its
>>  parameters are inapplicable to display managers, or already
>>  implemented in parallel (e.g., how long do wait after a failed
>>  login before displaying the prompt/greeter again?). 

> I believe that /etc/login.defs _is_ the right place to define the
> default umask property.

I strongly disagree. Google is not a reference by itself and the few example (gdm and kde session scripts)
have been fixed (gdm no longer import login.defs) upstream or are mere hints for the user to have a quick
fix (kde Xsession hacks).

Though login.defs is still sourced by "login" program, half of its settings are already overridden by pam defaults one.
The few remaining usefull one (ENV_PATH ENVSU_PATH mostly) are overriden by most shell "profile" too because they disagree with it.

It confuse beginners who read manual carefully and up wondering 
why their settings are not working. The sooner it it emptied of system wide environment settings the better. 


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