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Re: removing problemes with deluser

On Sun, 6 Feb 2005 17:33:35 +0100, Klaus Ethgen <Klaus@Ethgen.de>
>This Bug / Problem renders the system unusable so the severity is
>critical. The (co-)maintainer see this as only wishlist and told me to
>complain about this in this list.

See adduser 3.60 from the experimental distribution. Excerpt from the

|   * Add a new config option NO_DEL_PATHS to deluser.conf with a
|     sensible default in the deluser source code. In the default
|     configuration, deluser will not zap any important system directories
|     any more. Thanks to Ernst Kloppenburg and Klaus Ethgen. (mh)
|     Closes: #293559, #271829

You should have received this in a "fixed-in-experimental" message
from the BTS after I uploaded the new version.


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