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Re: pwc-source headed for unstable this weekend

#include <hallo.h>
* Henning Makholm [Fri, Feb 18 2005, 09:13:26PM]:

> Given the tendency of people like me to just repeat the procedures
> that worked for 2.4, it might be a good idea for make-kpkg to check
> whether the necessary files are present in the kernel tree (and warn
> loudly if they are not) when one tries to build modules. On the other
> hand I have no idea what would be involved in checking this, so it
> might be probitively difficult.

It is difficult. Many modules need just the kernel build scripts (which
are included in most kernel-headers package nowadays, either completely
or shared with others via the kernel-kbuild package). Some other modules
require more (header files from the core source or even whole source

Currently there is no see what the module-source really needs.
Maintainers document that in README.Debian but nobody reads that. I have
a request to implement some hocus-pocus in module-assistant to warn the
users more loudly when the headers are insufficient.

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