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Re: Would like to remove blas/lapack/atlas2/lapack99 at some point

Camm Maguire wrote:

> Greetings!  The older versions were kept to ease the transition into a
> minor API change, and to work around earlier gcc-induced tester
> failures.  There are just a few packages using the older API now.
> I've filed wishlist bugs with those requesting an upgrade about 100
> days ago.  How should we proceed now?  Maintaining both sets is
> becoming more burdensome.

Hi Camm,

When we exchanged emails a while ago after your wishlist bug against
libmathlib1, I think you were intending to have the old blas/lapack/etc.
removed only after the release of Sarge.  Is that still the case?

It would make things difficult for me if blas/lapack/atlas2 disappeared
now, since I would have to bump sonames on most of Cernlib, change
library package names, and somehow get the new binary packages through
NEW and into testing before the release.  After Sarge, I have no objections.

As far as I'm concerned you can have lapack99 removed right now, since
it's not just one, but two sonames behind the current version.


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