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Re: Package xxx has broken dep on yyy: normal?

M> Dan Jacobson [12]wondered about the broken dependencies he notices
M> every now and then. Colin Watson [13]answered that this is the
M> problem that the testing distribution is intended to solve. Goswin
M> Brederlow [14]explained that this is caused by strictly versioned
M> dependencies to binary-all packages.

Well I like sid, but am not used to
     Package gpe-contacts has broken dep on libgpevtype0
      Try to Re-Instate gpe-contacts
lasting for days into weeks.
Goswin's post implied that such problems should only last a day or two.
How is it that such problems are allowed to persist for days into weeks?
Isn't there a feedback mechanism to prevent developers making the
archive "unstable" permanently unknowingly? A couple of days isn't so
bad, but apparently users often have to remind developers what mess apt-get
shows they have turned their dependencies into otherwise they are oblivious?

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