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Re: Request for Help: apt 0.6

martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> [2005.02.14.1851 +0100]:
> > We need help by competent developers who work on apt 0.6 with the goal
> > to get it supported properly and eventually enter sid and sarge.
> Thank you, Joey!
> For the record, I am too strung up right now to be any use in
> coordinating this. However, I will help out.


> >  - take into account that the archive key is rotated yearly
> Why? What argument is there against a per-release key, including
> keys for security, testing, unstable, and experimental? It would
> certainly make things a little easier...

See what I wrote in the line above the one you quoted:

|  - design and discuss this with the release team

I didn't make this decision.  It has been common practice on the
Debian archive for a number of years though.

There are pros and cons for using a yearly key and a key that lasts
for an entire release.  However,

 - if anything should be changed from the current situation, the
   ftpmaster (and release team) need to be involved and

 - if not a solution needs to be established to distribute the key
   other than by aj sending a mail to debian-devel with the location
   of the new key.



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