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Re: Packaging status of Xen 2.0(.4)

Hi Adam,
> I'd prefer it if there were *no* official kernel-image-xen packages. 
> The reason, is that it's an increased load on the security team. 
> Plus, maintaining the config.
this repo is *not* official ;) It's there for everybody like me who
are interesed in Xen and like to evaluate it. This repo will save
a lot of CUP cycles...

The current approach with the version number 2.6.10-4+xen.1 lead to
an update to a security fixed version -5 without Xen. This is the big
advantage of the versioning scheme. The disadvantage is the lossing
support for Xen. But for me it's important to have a security fixed
kernel then a feature overloaded ;)

Sorry, but the previous link uses the intranet addersses :( Here are
the right one:

deb http://einstein.speech-design.de/~br/kernel-image-xen ./
deb-src http://einstein.speech-design.de/~br/kernel-image-xen ./


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